Made For Meat Sauces - Various


Sriracha Chilli - Two fiery talents meet in the hot Sriracha Chili Sauce: Mexican jalapeños and Ancho chillies. Garlic and pieces of fruity tomato come together to create a finely chopped sauce that heats up your food.

Smoked Pepper BBQ - Smoky bourbon whiskey combine with smoked pepper to give it an incomparable spiciness.

Black Garlic - Made with coarse pepper from South America and black garlic from Asia for an unmistakable, slightly sweet taste. Ideal with steak.

Chipotle Burger Sauce - The mixture of smoked chillies and fine tart pickled relish gives our Chipotle Burger Sauce its unmistakable spiciness while pieces of red onion provide the right seasoning. 

All sauces are made without artificial flavours, colours and without preservatives.

235ml bottle