Owlets Fruit Juices - Various - 1 litre


Owlet juice is produced at Loddington Farm in the heart of the Kent countryside where fruit is grown without using synthetic fertilisers or herbicides, but instead, in harmony with nature. 

Owlet Fruit Juice, established in 1986, is an award-winning range of juices made from fruit grown, pressed and bottled in the heart of the Kent countryside.

Discovery - Winner of a 2023 Great Taste award, this juice is sweet and light with a slightly scented flavour. An ideal apple juice for warm summer days.

Jonagold - A light refreshing juice that is particularly popular with children

Worcester - Light but sweet with a wonderful aroma. This juice has also won first prize in the British Apple Juice Competition.

Cheerfull Gold - 2016 Triple Gold Star Winner (Great Taste) – An aromatic juice with a wonderful tangy flavour, ideal as a breakfast juice or with food.  Owlet are currently the largest growers of this new English apple variety!

Russet - A Double Gold Star Winner in this year’s Great Taste Awards! Owlets sweetest apple juice with the typical honey flavour of ripe russets. Delicious served ice cold – an excellent base for summer cocktails.

Apple & Elderflower - The evocative scent of English elderflower creates a delicately perfumed juice, perfect for mixing with sparkling mineral water to make a spritzer.

Kent Pear - Rich, sweet yet fruity with lovely aftertaste of ripe pears. This juice is especially low in acid and suitable for those on a detox diet.