Quaranta Italian Soft Nougat - Mixed Flavours


Premium Italian nougat with fruits and mixed nuts.

Exotic Fruit : Soft nougat decorated with pineapple, papaya and cherries with whole almonds and hazelnuts.

Cherry : Soft nougat filled with cherries and a sour cherry creme running throughout alongside whole almonds and hazelnuts.

Country Berries : Soft nougat filled with raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, strawberries and soured cherries. All brought together with a berry creme and whole almonds and hazelnuts.

Strawberry : Soft nougat decorated with strawberries and with a strawberry creme running through each piece alongside whole almonds and hazelnuts.

Lemon : Soft nougat decorated with candied lemon pieces with whole almonds, hazelnuts and a lemon creme running throughout.