Salcombe Dairy - Finest Chocolate Bars


Salcombe Dairy Bean To Bar chocolate is made from organically sourced, fairly traded cacao from the Peruvian rainforest. The cacao nibs are then blended in Salcombe with raw cane sugar before tempering and moulding into chocolate of the highest quality.

Dark Chocolate with Peppermint: Bean to bar milk chocolate made with 73% organic Peruvian cacao. The classic after dinner option.  Clean, fresh notes of peppermint with dark chocolate.  The perfect palette cleanser.

Coffee Dark Chocolate: Bean to bar milk chocolate made with 52 % organic Peruvian cacao. Coffee and Cacao beans are combined to create a smooth mocha experience with the added texture of whole coffee beans sprinkled on the back.

Ginger Dark Chocolate: Bean to bar dark chocolate made with 67 % organic Peruvian cacao. Peruvian dark chocolate with crystallized Ginger to provide a zesty warmth and spicy kick.

Midnight 83% Chocolate: Bean to Bar Dark Chocolate made with 85% Organic Peruvian Cacao. Our darkest dark chocolate.  Surprisingly mellow and rounded with lingering fruity notes from the Rainforest.

White Chocolate Vanilla: Bean to bar white chocolate with vanilla. Pure bourbon Madagascan vanilla seeds are blended with cocoa butter to create a clean, sweet vanilla infused white chocolate. 39% Organic Peruvian Cacao.

Milk Chocolate with Sea Salt & Caramel: Bean to bar milk chocolate made with 43% organic Peruvian cacao, caramel and sea salt. A smooth milk chocolate amalgamation of sweet and salty caramel.  Brittle caramel pieces enhanced by sea salt to create a moorish favourite. 

Milk Chocolate with Honeycomb: Bean to bar milk chocolate made with 41% organic Peruvian cacao and honeycomb pieces. Small, whole honeycomb pieces with our Peruvian Milk chocolate make for our take on a classic flavour combination. For chocolate fans with a sweet tooth.